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Video of Di Belakangku

May 30, 2008

The song was released in 2004 as track No. 4 of Peterpan’s second album “Bintang di Surga”. Then it was also included in the Peterpan’s third album, “Menunggu Pagi : the OST of Alexandria”, released in 2005.


Video of “Topeng”

May 29, 2008

This is the original music video of Topeng

and this is the live show version (they perform better live than in their CDs and MVs)


Terbaik dan Terindah : Peterpan’s latest single???

May 29, 2008

Some people said this song is Peterpan’s latest single. But I need confirmation from the Peterpan itself, because this music doesn’t sound like the usual Peterpan’s stuff.
Boril, Uki, Loek, Echa, can you guys confirm this???

BTW, the album is predicted to be released sometimes in July or August 2008.


Dimana tempatku
Di situ mauku
Biarkan ku mampu berjalan sendiri
Tanpa kau coba menuntunku

Kau tahu jalanku
Engkau memilihku
Untukmu berbagi dari hati untuk jiwa

Jika ku harus memilih
Ku tunjuk satu yang terbaik yang terindah
Jika kau mau memberi
Berikan aku yang terbaik

Waktu kan menunggu
Menanti diriku
Biarkan ku mampu berjalan sendiri
Tanpa kau coba menuntunku

Translation :


Where I Belong

That is where I want to be

Please let me stand on my own feet

Without you trying to guide me

You know my way

You have chosen me

For you to share your heart and your soul

Chorus :

If I have to choose

I will choose the best and the most beautiful

If you want to give me

Please give me your best

Time will wait

It will wait for me

(But) please let me stand on my own feet

Without you trying to guide me

Terbaik dan Terindah – Peterpan


Magical Night with Peterpan

May 27, 2008

Magical night with Peterpan


RADIN SRI GHAZALI is bowled over by Peterpan’s recent performance at Stadium Negara. THE concert by Indonesia’s popular band Peterpan at Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday saw thousands of its fan club members — Sahabat Peterpan — waiting to catch a glimpse of the lads.

It was an evening to remember as band members Ariel (vocals), Uki (guitars), Loekman (guitars) and Reza (drums) gave one of the best “live” performances.

The show began with an opening act by local band Nitrus, which received a lukewarm response from the crowd. Nitrus performed three songs including Sisa.

Another local band, Hujan, came on next. With commendable performances akin to seasoned rock stars, it managed to woo the crowd with its latest smash hit, Aku Skandal.

The band, which found fame through MySpace, also belted out its monster hits such as Pagi Yang Gelap and Empayar.

Despite performing only four songs, Hujan was a winner that night judging from the rousing applause from the crowd all revved up for the headlining act of the evening.

The 4,000-odd crowd cheered rapturously as Peterpan’s members sashayed stylishly onto the stage.

Deafening screams pierced the air as the heartthrob lead singer Ariel appeared in leather jacket and tie. He fits the description given by the Indonesian media of “sexiest rock star”.

Peterpan’s opening number was the unknown Kota Mati. Bold move, but fans didn’t really mind. The boys followed this with two other melancholic songs — Kupu-Kupu Malam and Di Balik Awan, which set a sombre mood for the show.

KuKatakan Dengan Indah, the song which Ariel says describes the women in his life, put the crowd in a more upbeat mood.

“This is a song for those who are in pain, thanks to love,” said the vocalist who recently filed for divorce from his wife of three years on Valentine’s Day.

Later, the band proceeded with an acoustic version of their monster hit, Mungkin Nanti. Naturally, it got the crowd singing along.

The next song, Yang Terdalam, was about the girl who broke Ariel’s heart in high school. The band continued with a few mellow numbers, including 2DSD, Melawan Dunia and Sally Sendiri.

For nostalgic reasons, the band crooned their first hit Mimpi Yang Sempurna, taken from its debut album, Taman Langit.

What would a Peterpan concert be without one of their most edgy hits, Ada Apa Denganmu? The crowd went wild as this number was being performed.

Other songs included Menghapus Jejakmu, Hari Yang Cerah Untuk Jiwa Yang Sepi and Tak Bisakah (the theme song for the film Alexandria).

The band ended the concert with Topeng, which is not really the group’s strongest song.

Those who were sceptical about Peterpan’s “live” show following its disappointing performance at Ruums last year, will have their faith in the band restored.

Source : The New Straits Times


Video of Membebaniku

May 26, 2008

This is not the original  video  clip as Peterpan never made any clip for this song. This video  is made by Liana Rahim, the pictures taken from Indonesian teenage movie Eskul. I think it’s perfect combination, the song and the video. Good job Liana!!


Youtube page :


What Fans in Kuching said about Peterpan

May 26, 2008

The Peterpan experience

Peterpan perform during their concert in Kuching recently.

Story/photos by Paula Chang

My entire Sunday afternoon all the way till night was spent hanging out or rather “following around” popular rock band from Indonesia, Peterpan. The experience was as intoxicating as William Miller’s in Almost Famous, but less intense in the absence of an “ALL ACCESS” pass.
Despite a delay in their flight, the guys from Peterpan were driven to their hotel on time for a meet and greet session with the fans which began at 5 pm at Victoria Arms in Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites Kuching.
The fans gathered as early as 4 pm and were hysterical upon seeing the guys from Peterpan. There were exclusive posters provided by Celcom for the event. But before the session began, burly bodyguards were stratigically positioned to shield the boys from any attack by Peterpan fanatics.
Fans held their breaths in the presence of the boys and moved along the table to get their posters, bags and personal items signed.
Some held the line up by taking multiple pictures of the rockstars and some regretted not hugging them while they were having their pictures taken.
All in all, everyone went home with a cool souvenir.
They were then ushered to the VIP area to relax after a hectic schedule (they performed in Tawau, the night before and had only arrived in Kuching on Sunday afternoon. Upon arrival, they proceeded to the meet and greet session).
There they watched a little bit of football and joked while waiting for lunch to be served. By this time, it was already 6 pm.
As time was of the essence, an illustriously fabulously long interview was not possible. I only got to ask Luki and David: “Is this your first time here?”, to which David answered; “Yes, it is.” and Luki added; “Mine, as well.”
Not long after, they were called for a meeting to run through the playlist for that night’s performance. They each pitched their ideas in and lunch was served.
For nosey fans out there, yes, yours truly, will divulge the details. Peterpan had Chicken Rice and Fish and Chips, but as to who had what, that I would not know because to actually hover around them while they eat would be rude.
By 7 pm they had adjourned to their respective rooms to prepare for the concert.


Fans’ thoughts


Peterpan’s concert was held later that night, much to the excitement of many screaming fans.
I got took the opportunity to have a few words with the fans and find out what they thought of the concert.
One fan, 32-year-old Aminah Hirman 21 from Kuching has waited in line about an hour before the concert. Aminah, who was at the concert with her aunts and brother, said her favourite song was “Kupu Kupu Malam” and added that she couldn’t wait to see the guys in action.
Aminah said she hoped to see Peterpan do something spontaneous and extraordinary. And commenting on the band, she said; “They will last for quite a while as they are genuine and their music is evergreen.”
“They must come back to Kuching to perform again!,” she added excitedly.
Aminah is a Celcom customer and subscribed to them because of the low IDD rates to Indonesia. “My grandmother is in Indonesia and we call her all the time. Sometimes I just SMS (texting) her, but either way, the plan helps me save money,” she said.
Meanwhile, Aeru (21) from Pontianak, who was at the concert along with his compatriots said; “We’ve been their fans eversince they started.”
On their expectations of Peterpan’s performance, they simply do not have any because; “we know Peterpan memang OK!”
“Keep rocking, Peterpan!,” said one of his friends.
For Aeru and his friends, it was their first time watching a concert in Kuching and they loved what Celcom has done for this event.
Dayang Nurfauziah bt Fauzi, 15, was the winner from Hot.FM’s Peterpan competition. For her prize, she gets to bring her mother and friends to the concert with VIP privileges. She was also at the meet and greet session and apart from the signed memorabilia, she and her friends were also included in the VIP photo session with Peterpan taken by professional photographers.
Her next perk was a backstage pass that allowed her to mingle with Peterpan before they went on stage, which was a full two hours! How envy provoking!
And during performances, they were all ushered to the front of the stage where even people with “MEDIA” passes such as myself were restricted from entering.
All these privileges and Dayang had this to say: “Tak puas enjoy concert! (I was not done enjoying the concert!)” She wanted more singing and more Peterpan.
Despite the initial delay, Peterpan’s concert was well worth the wait. It was wholesome and vivacious and because of that very nature, it had left everyone wanting more. An outstanding effort by everyone involved. The experience really is “UNBEATABLE”.


Source :


Video of Ada Apa Denganmu

May 25, 2008

Ada Apa Denganmu with English subtitle. Thanks to my bro, revknapp for the video and translation. The youtube page is here :