Bintang di Surga lyrics

May 25, 2008


Masih ku merasa angkuh
Terbang kenanganku jauh
Langit kan menangkapku
Walau kan terjatuh

Dan bila semua tercipta
Hanya untukku merasakan
Semua yang tercipta
Hampa hidup terasa

Lelah tatapku mencari
Arti untukku membagi
Menemani langkahku
Namun tak berarti

Dan bila semua tercipta
Tanpa harus ku merasakan
Cinta yang tersisa
Hampa hidup terasa

Bagai bintang di surga
Dan seluruh warna
Dan kasih yang setia
Dan cahaya nyata

Oh bintang di surga
Berikan cerita
Dan kasih yang setia
Dan cahaya nyata



Translation :



Still I’m proud
My memories fly far away
The sky will catch me
Even if I fall

And when it all falls in place,
Only for me to feel,
Everything that has come to place,
How disappointing life feels

I’m so tired of searching,
Searching for
Someone for me to love,
To accompany me in my journey,
But I have no strength left

And when it all falls in place,
Without me having to continue feeling,
My broken love,
How disappointing life is

Like the stars in heaven,
Like all the colours,
Like true love,
Like the purity of the light

Oh stars in heaven,
Give me the story,
of true love,
and the purity of the light


Credit for translation goes to Soimtal at : http://community.livejournal.com/audiography/1481647.html)






One comment

  1. I am really impressed by the translation!!!!!

    It is no doubt, extremely difficult to translate Peterpan’s songs especially cause they are very much like Literature..

    And this translation has more or less done justice to Peterpan’s song, in terms of translating the meaning and reflecting the essence of the song!!^-^


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