Peterpan’s comment about the plagiarization of their song by Pritam

May 25, 2008

‘They should tender a formal public apology’

29 Aug 2006, 0308 hrs IST,Priyanka Dasgupta,TNN

Ariel, the vocalist of the Indonesian Peterpan band, is shocked at the Woh Lamhe song plagiarism.

When did you compose your Tak Bisakah number?

Peterpan had composed the soundtrack from a movie titled Alexandria. I composed the song inspired by the movie script that had been given by the director of the film. Actually Tak Bisakah is the last song that I finished for the soundtrack. The lyrics were completed just three weeks before the album soundtrack was released. The song is basically about a guy asking his girl to wait for him.

What do you intend to do now?

We heard about the lift from a friend last week when she had seen a clip from an Indian artiste on television. She had said that Pritam’s Kya Mujhe Pyar Hain is exactly like Tak Bisakah. Then we heard the song on the internet. We will give all the matters to our label and our lawyer. We are just waiting for the update progress.

It’s absolutely unethical for anybody to steal someone else’s song. Stealing is stealing, period. There are international laws applied about the copyrights of a song…

Are you aware that Bollywood composers lift songs regularly?

Wow! Do they really do that so often? No, as a matter of fact we didn’t know about that, until now.

Will you agree to an outside-thecourt settlement?

I don’t know about that yet. We will give everything to our label and lawyers and will take their advice on the settlement matters. We have given interviews to the Indonesian TV channels including Metro TV, ANTV and Trans TV in this regard.
What is your reaction to the quality of the arrangement and adaptation of your song in Woh Lamhe?

It is a quite good arrangement and I’m quite impressed. But still, if only they had asked for the permission first…If only they were not just stealing it from us.

What is the punishment for such infringement of copyright acts in your country?

Uhm…I don’t know exactly. You should ask our lawyer about this. But as much as I know, usually there should be material compensations and also formal public apologies.

Have you ever faced such a situation earlier?

No. This is our first time. I’m still stunned by such an act.


Source : The Times of India : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/msid-1933692,prtpage-1.cms


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