Peterpan’s Concert in Kuching, Malaysia, 2008

May 25, 2008

Peterpan’s Kuching concert




By Charles Janum

Their songs touch the lives of millions, heal the aching heart and lift the spirits of the broken hearted. A concert by well-known Indonesian band Peterpan held at the State Stadium in Kuching recently brought out a different set of mood to the band’s appreciative audience last Sunday compared to the recent gig by glam-rock band Dewa 19, also from Indonesia.


Their songs are often whistled by youngsters and music enthusiasts ever since their breakthrough in the Malaysian music market with their single “Mungkin Nanti.”

During the show, Peterpan have shown a very humble side of them as they interacted with the crowd. Made up mostly of Indonesians, the crowd showed their appreciation by singing along to every song they knew. The band have shown their effort by playing for almost two hours in the concert. This time the stage lighting and setting were excellent along with their fireworks props, and Peterpan showed they were no stranger to the crowd.

Ariel, the frontman and vocalist of Peterpan, gave a good gesture when he first came on stage by just giving a big smile to the crowd and asked them “how are you?” in an Indonesian dialect, to which the crowd responded with a loud roaring cheer.

What makes Peterpan’s performance special compared to Dewa 19 was that they were able to set certain moods and touch the hearts of the crowd through their songs, written by the band’s vocalist Ariel.

Unlike many other rock bands out there, Peterpan was humble and friendly, and these qualities are rare among well-established artistes nowadays. These qualities have also won Peterpan their fans since they began making records. There was a time during the show when Ariel just smiled and asked the crowd: “Are you guys tired? Because we still have two more hours to go.”

Peterpan’s charisma was felt by the crowd throughout the concert. Their performance, which could only be described as superb, was well-received by fans and music enthusiasts who came to watch the concert last Sunday night.

Meanwhile, the crowd was first entertained by two opening acts, “The Times” who are currently actively promoting their second album, and “OAG.”

Source :

Eastern Times : http://www.easterntimes.com.my/index.php?news_id=4&news_content=6904



  1. ha…..ha,,.,,,, uh seneng banget gue bisa koment ama peterpan. peterpan kalian concert donk di tebing tinggi.pasti rame. hubungi riyan 081264363556

  2. maaf mas riyan, ini bukan website official Peterpan. Ini website pribadi saya (Venomscorpion) yg saya buat spesial dalam bahasa Inggris untuk fans2 Peterpan yang nggak ngerti bahasa Indonesia. kalau mau kontak Peterpan langsung silahkan ke website official mereka atau ke facebook mereka.

  3. Hi, I am a new fan of Peter Pan band. I really enjoy their music which I would never thought possible since They don’t sing in English.

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