Magical Night with Peterpan

May 27, 2008

Magical night with Peterpan


RADIN SRI GHAZALI is bowled over by Peterpan’s recent performance at Stadium Negara. THE concert by Indonesia’s popular band Peterpan at Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday saw thousands of its fan club members — Sahabat Peterpan — waiting to catch a glimpse of the lads.

It was an evening to remember as band members Ariel (vocals), Uki (guitars), Loekman (guitars) and Reza (drums) gave one of the best “live” performances.

The show began with an opening act by local band Nitrus, which received a lukewarm response from the crowd. Nitrus performed three songs including Sisa.

Another local band, Hujan, came on next. With commendable performances akin to seasoned rock stars, it managed to woo the crowd with its latest smash hit, Aku Skandal.

The band, which found fame through MySpace, also belted out its monster hits such as Pagi Yang Gelap and Empayar.

Despite performing only four songs, Hujan was a winner that night judging from the rousing applause from the crowd all revved up for the headlining act of the evening.

The 4,000-odd crowd cheered rapturously as Peterpan’s members sashayed stylishly onto the stage.

Deafening screams pierced the air as the heartthrob lead singer Ariel appeared in leather jacket and tie. He fits the description given by the Indonesian media of “sexiest rock star”.

Peterpan’s opening number was the unknown Kota Mati. Bold move, but fans didn’t really mind. The boys followed this with two other melancholic songs — Kupu-Kupu Malam and Di Balik Awan, which set a sombre mood for the show.

KuKatakan Dengan Indah, the song which Ariel says describes the women in his life, put the crowd in a more upbeat mood.

“This is a song for those who are in pain, thanks to love,” said the vocalist who recently filed for divorce from his wife of three years on Valentine’s Day.

Later, the band proceeded with an acoustic version of their monster hit, Mungkin Nanti. Naturally, it got the crowd singing along.

The next song, Yang Terdalam, was about the girl who broke Ariel’s heart in high school. The band continued with a few mellow numbers, including 2DSD, Melawan Dunia and Sally Sendiri.

For nostalgic reasons, the band crooned their first hit Mimpi Yang Sempurna, taken from its debut album, Taman Langit.

What would a Peterpan concert be without one of their most edgy hits, Ada Apa Denganmu? The crowd went wild as this number was being performed.

Other songs included Menghapus Jejakmu, Hari Yang Cerah Untuk Jiwa Yang Sepi and Tak Bisakah (the theme song for the film Alexandria).

The band ended the concert with Topeng, which is not really the group’s strongest song.

Those who were sceptical about Peterpan’s “live” show following its disappointing performance at Ruums last year, will have their faith in the band restored.

Source : The New Straits Times



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