Video of “Topeng”

May 29, 2008

This is the original music video of Topeng

and this is the live show version (they perform better live than in their CDs and MVs)



  1. i prefer the live version,especially the part where he took off his shirt…i enjoy it very much :p, thx !!

  2. hahahaha, of course you prefer that part (any woman would do), he looks so damn sexy.

  3. which one..? which one..?
    kenapa aku gak tau ya..

  4. I don’t know abt their concerts in Malaysia. But in their concerts in Indonesia, Ariel often takes off his shirt when it’s almost the end of the show and his shirt wet with his sweats.

  5. omg!!then will he throw it to the fans??
    if he does ,like OMG…all the fans will faint@@@!!

  6. hehehe doreen, I don’t know abt that. But you can ask bulumerahmaniac. She said she watched the live show of the video we talk abt.

  7. mnrt qw ppan itu krn abiezzz pokokna perfect deh!!!

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