Video of KKDI with English subtitle

June 4, 2008

This is one of my favourite songs from Peterpan. I know it’s also the fave song of some of you. My fellow youtuber, revknapp has kindly upload the video of this song with English subtitle here : http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=QyafyFWVW-s

Hope you guys enjoy this :



  1. my dear indi..
    sori kesiangan, lama banget gak liat youtube..
    thumbs up!!
    bagus ya lamannya..
    nanti kak rin link ke blog kak rin oke..

  2. Thanks Kak Rin. I made this blog around 2 weeks ago after I received many messages in my youtube channel from people asking information about Peterpan and the meaning of their songs. I just hope this blog can be a great help for Peterpan fans who don’t understand Bahasa Indonesia/Melayu.

    Thanks for linking it to your blog.

  3. hehe…yang ini entry ku pake bahasa indo aja..nati kalo ada yang baca org asing..jd malu gw..wakakaka^0^…

    ini lagu yah sama dng apa yang aku rasain sekarang..selalu ada aja deh aku ini… sukanya sama org2 kagak bener…yang selalu mainin hatiku..

    Idih..udah gak mau pikirin org itu dech…

    Back to the song and MV and Peterpan:

    1. practically everyone can relate to this song coz Im sure all of us have been broken hearted at least once…if you havent, then youre very lucky

    2. The MV is interesting to watch..especially the water part in the beginning…somehow, I really like that part of the MV…and no, it’s not because 0f the hottie Ariel…he’s hot, no doubt..but my mind is not that corrupted..^-^

  4. Hi blue,

    Thanks for stopping by. You’re right, that part of the MV with water dropping from the tap and Ariel washed his face is also the one that attracted my attention. Somehow I interpret that part as the symbol innoccent pure heart, as pure as water.

  5. Hi there peterpanband, love your username, btw…

    Thanks for the reply..^-^v…

  6. ven, thx ya gue paling suka nich sama lagu peterpan yang ini.
    his look so sexy.

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