Menunggu Pagi – OST Alexandria Album

June 7, 2008

OST Alexandria


The third album of Peterpan is the Original Sound Track of  Alexandria, released in September 2005. The launching of the album was covered live by Indonesian 6 national TV channels. The album consists of 5 new songs and some Peterpan’s old tracks from previous album with different music arrangements.

The List of the songs :

  1. Tak Bisakah (Can’t You?)
  2. Jauh Mimpiku (Beyond my dream)
  3. Membebaniku (Such a burden for me)
  4. Menunggu Pagi (Waiting for morning/Waiting for dawn)
  5. Ku Katakan Dengan Indah (I say it beautifully)
  6. Sahabat (Best Friends)
  7. Aku dan Bintang (The stars and I)
  8. Mungkin Nanti (Maybe Someday)
  9. Di Belakangku (Behind my back)
  10. Langit Tak Mendengar (The Sky won’t listen)




  1. this is one of the reason why I REALLY2 WANT TO GO BACK TO INDO!!!

    *lol*..of course, apart from meeting my family, that is ^-^…

    Why oh why cant I get Peterpan’s CD in the states…

    Seriously, Peterpan is one of fav band…simply because their songs usually have twists and turns; very literature-like…

    The beat of the songs are never dull!!!

    And their MVs usually are very good and nice to watch…

    oKAY, I better stop my rambling…lol…
    of i go to the next entry in this blog… ^-^v

  2. peterpan lguny4 gok1l ab1zz

  3. hello!
    I want buy this cd (alexandria)…can you help me?
    thanks riccardo from italy

  4. hi Riccardo, I’m really sorry I can’t give much help as I’m not in Indonesia at the moment, I can’t send the CD to you. Hopefully someone read your request and send the CD to you in Italy.

  5. I cant find any of their albums in the USA anywrh as well *sigh*. I realli need to go to Indonesia.

  6. ril pie kabare,,.., sombng yach saiki

  7. gmn kbr pter pan?

  8. oiya truz maju y,,jgn kalah ma ungu!!

    bwt aril gud luck y ,ma luna maya?


  9. can i have yours picture,,,,,jgn sampai kalah ama band yg baru2…..

  10. good band klo bsa lagu baruuntuk band barunya lebih bernuansa cinta n menyentuh para penggemar peterpan band

  11. kalauuuuuu biza jgn di ganti nama`a knapa,,,,,biar
    tetap peterpan ja

  12. Peterpan keren banget walau akan ganti nama aku akan tetep ngefans sama Ariel c.s.

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