Video of Tak Bisakah with English subtitle

June 9, 2008

Released as the OST of Alexandria, this song is the first track of Peterpan’s third album, Menunggu Pagi : OST of Alexandria. My friend revknapp is kind enough to make the English subtitle for this vid. The youtube page can be found here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1HE92DUuCg

and one of their live shows performing the song :

BTW, there is a Hindi version of this song, titled “Kya Muje Pyaar Hai”, a soundtrack of Bollywood movie Woh Lamhe. But definitely Peterpan is the original one.



  1. OMG..I really have to take my hat off to revknapp..this translation is REALLY GOOD!!!^0^…

    i havent watched the movie yet, but definitely will, once I go back to Tanah Air..

    Peterpan rAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Can anyone please point me to the site where I can find the English subtitles of the movie?

    If yes, please drop an email on my email address.


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