Peterpan latest Video Clip : Cobalah Mengerti

June 17, 2008

The latest music video of Peterpan, Cobalah Mengerti, taken from the album Hari Yang Cerah. This would be their last clip from that particular album as they are preparing for their next album due around July or August 2008. I can’t wait to hear their new sounds.

Thanks to Peterpan’s official site for the video and bulumerahmaniac for the youtube link : http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=yZnK_EfmWbY



  1. great vid ^___^

  2. hey when will their latest album be released??

  3. oh yeah….and can u pls tell me the officail website???if there’s any of it…thx!!

  4. Their album will be released around end of July or early August 2008.

    Actually, Peterpan’s official website is not ready yet to be re-launched.
    For the time being, they put information here :

  5. ini lagu favorite kak rin in album hari yg cerah..
    videoklipnya juga bagus banget..!!
    kalau udah gak bisa nyanyi lagi
    peterpan can be a good actor tho..

  6. They can be actors, but hopefully not in sinetrons hehehehe.

  7. bagus bgt v-klipnya….
    ada rencana ga peterpan berperan dalam sebuah film?
    lihat dari..bintang di surga..n cobalah mengerti,,
    tu ide siapa v-klipnya?

  8. gw amat sgt suka m v clipny..

    kren aja…

    lebih2 arielnya

    miss u

  9. KerenzZ…aabizZZt..bkn lg dunk Lihat Langkahku tu pst nge-Jreng…;-)

  10. 3 lg yg bru p j ne? cb lgx lbh bnyk lg pst bkal tmbah kren abiz!!!

  11. i love every part of it……

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