Video Clip of Menunggu Pagi

June 22, 2008

The original soundtrack of  Alexandria (2005). The lyrics of the song only consist of  four lines, but the music is damn too good to be ignored.



  1. who is the girl on this video?

  2. That’s Jelita Septriasa, a.k.a Acha, famous for her role in the movie “Heart”. But this Menunggu Pagi video was made before she starred in “Heart”.

    I think she looks weird, her jaw doesn’t look normal, but she’s cute though.

  3. i love the line that ariel delivered in the songs..
    hope indi can find for me
    wat r those line.. pls pls pls..

  4. Dear Kak Rin, this is for you:

    Complete lyrics and the short poem Ariel delivered in the vid :

    Apa yang terjadi dengan hatiku
    Kumasih disini menunggu pagi
    Seakan letih tak menggangguku
    Kumasih terjaga menunggu pagi

    (Entah kapan malam berhenti, teman, aku masih menunggu pagi…)

    BTW, I prefer another version of the song, where it wasn’t the short poem from Ariel but conversation between Bagas and Alexandra featured in the song.

  5. ya love it too..
    bagas(marcel) so yummy~~

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