Peterpan prepares new album, new clip

July 11, 2008

This is the video of interview with Peterpan about the preparation for their latest album “Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita” (One Name One Story). For those of you who do not understand Bahasa Indonesia, here is the excerpt of the interview :

1. Their new album would be the compilation of their best songs. In total there would be 22 songs, consists of 18 old songs and 3 new songs (damn, only 3??? come on guys, you can do better than that), plus one cover version of Chrisye’s song “Kisah Cintaku” (My Love Story). Chrisye was a legendary singer in Indonesia who passed away last year. Peterpan did a duet with Chrisye for the song Menunggumu in 2005.

2. They named the album Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita (One Name One Story) to symbolise that this is the end of their story using Peterpan as their band name. That is why this is a compilation album. Next, with new name it would be another story.

3. When asked if they have found their new name, Ariel said, they haven’t. Maybe the audience can help them giving some ideas or maybe they should make some kind of ‘competition’ for the people to give them new name.

Updated : The album will be released on August 8th, 2008 at 8 pm.



  1. OMG!!!i havent been here for so long and sooo much had happen…although i dont understand,I still wanna knoe wats their new band name???

  2. buat aku lg tak thn ni apa nama baru ….apepun nama baru pp…sku tetap support pp walau apa pun terjadi haha peterpan i love u…..

  3. y r they changing their band name 😦 i love the name peterpan n itz bin the same for so long….can any1 give me link to whr i can buy this album online? Even if they do have a competition i bet itz only for fans/people in Indonesia i’m guessing *sigh*

  4. Peterpan..
    Ko dh jrang da di teve lg sch kan kangen tw..
    Peterpan, kapn nwh m0 launching??
    Di tnggu jg nama bru’a..
    Apapun nama’a..
    Kapanpun muncul’a..
    Pkok’a bwat peterpan dwh sgala2’a..
    I love u 4 ever

  5. well.. the story will never end. i hope..
    inginku jgn ampe ikut arus band2 sekarang ya.. buktiin ptrpan tetep beda!

  6. Kcw ch pp hrS gnt nM,tp apPn nM bAndx,q tTp sk sm kLian.kLian bAnd plg fEnOmenal d d indo bhkn k Luar ngri.sksS tUk klian.

  7. cuy kapan lo manggung di lapizz lagi………………….?

    nama band baru lo apa cuy skarang….?

  8. slmt tuk album baru kalian. Semua lagu enak di dgr,penuh arti.
    kapan manggung ge di banda aceh?….
    di tunggu lagu baru dng nama baru xan….
    by dauz di banda aceh

  9. Peter pan,harus peter pan. . . .
    Wlaupun gnti nma,kau akn ttp terkenang

  10. Q pnazran neh peTerPan nma bru’y pa Y,.?¿
    Buat ariel kpan neh m0 manggung d depok tp daerah cilodong’y..
    Pokok’y aq tnggu Y, ariel manggung d daerah aq..

  11. .ariel luph u…………………….

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