Do you know???

July 28, 2008

Some Trivia about Peterpan members

  1. Ariel used to be softball athlete. His position was as a catcher in a team called Rusa Hitam Bandung (Bandung Black Deer).
  2. Lukman used to be a talented soccer player. If he’s not famous for being the lead guitarist of Peterpan, he might have been a professional soccer player by now.
  3. Uki once won third place in English Debate Championship.
  4. Reza used to be lead vocal in his previous band (before joining Peterpan). But since the drummer often skipped from their routine, Reza had to replace him as the drummer. Since then Reza started to love his new role as drummer for the band.
  5. Uki and Ariel went to the same junior high school and at first Uki hated  that Ariel always bring his guitar to the school.
  6. During his childhood Uki dreamt to be a superstar (I guess his dream comes true).
  7. Both Ariel and Uki are talented in drawing and won several competitions.

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