Clarification abt “Terbaik dan Terindah”

August 5, 2008

In one of my previous posts, I proposed a question whether single “Terbaik dan Terindah” belongs to Peterpan. Here is the answer : No, it’s not. Apparently somebody or some obscure band  tried to hijack Peterpan’s name to make their own  song famous.

Credit to bulumerahmaniac a.k.a manic for the info.



  1. Is it true?

  2. i’ve listened to the song..
    but the voice is totally Ariel’s voice..

  3. Ariel himself has said in live interviews (and personally to us) that it’s not his voice and that’s not their song.

    People from Kalimantan said the song is from a band named Asoka, a band from Sangatta city, Kalimantan. It was a hit in the local radio station in Kalimantan in 2007 and one of the popular songs in A Mild Rising Star Kalimantan zone.

  4. Memang benar! lagu terbaik dan terindah memang bukan milik peterpanband itu terlihat dari suara yang berbeda dari suara ariei & musik yang dimaikan. Sukses terus buat peterpanband.dari wahyu utomo di tolitoli(sulawesi tengah)

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