Peterpan Press Conference about Their New Album

August 9, 2008

On a very special date 08-08-08 at 8 pm Peterpan initially wanted to launch their latest album, Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita. But I guess something happened that makes them have to delay the official launching of the album (Nevertheless, the CD is available in some cities, go get them soon).  So, instead of launching the album, they had a press conference on the scheduled date.


and here is their first live performance singing their latest song Walau Habis Terang (I guess Ariel was still sleepy, he’d just woke up from sleep).



  1. awww poor thing he really tried to liven it up but u could see he really was so sleep and was trying 2 stay awake.I feel bad since he’s the only person who sings so if he doesn’t sing then there’s really nothing to hear n all. Who was the lady in the first video feeding Ariel cake though?
    I hope the album comes out soon everywhere officiali. thanks again VS 🙂

  2. I guess he was sleepy but not so sleepy. It’s just Ariel’s style when singing a slow song. He often closes his eyes and sings like reading spells or mantra. Maybe he close his eyes because he was imagining himself being in Neverland hehehehe. BTW, Ariel’s popularity makes other new vocalists follow this singing style.

    The lady feeding Ariel rice cake is Mrs. Indrawati Wijaya (famous with her nickname Ibu Acin), the producer, the owner of the recording company. It’s a tradition in Indonesia when we celebrate something we make rice cake and give/feed the top part of the cake to the honoured guests or to the one to whom the party made. So, here Ibu Acin fed Ariel, Uki, Reza and Lukman the top part of the rice cake.

  3. saya minat sangat kat PETERPAN… tapi saya nak beri komen ikhlas yang 3 lagu baru yang dimuatkan dalam Album terakhir PETERPAN terlalu biasa dan saya macam tak sangka yang lagu2 tu semua adalah lagu PETERPAN sebab saya rasa lagu ni ada kelainan dari lagu yang lain tapi tak begitu bagus… saya harap dengan adanya nama baru, ada jugalah idea2 baru yang lebih segar dan semoga PETERPAN dengan nama barunya dapat mencipta lagu yang lebih panas dan dapat menggegarkan seluruh dunia… AMIN…

  4. saya pun nak beri komen tentang website rasmi PETERPAN… saya rasa macam tak puas hati je.. sebab website PETERPAN underconstruction dulu lebih okey dari yang ada sekarang.. harap management PETERPAN atau dengan nama baru nanti dapat updatekan lagi website PETERPAN supaya menjadi lebih cool and trendy…

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