Peterpan´s First English Song

September 13, 2008

I´ve been sharing this youtube page with my fellow youtubers, however I´ve been too busy with my work to upload it here in this blog. So, here I am, at almost 2 am, staying awake, trying to spare my time to upload this vid. I hope all of you enjoy their latest song, their first English song. I really like the sound, but unfortunately as usual Ariel mumbles too much when singing, it´s too hard to understand what he said. I hope I can get the lyrics soon.

BTW, credit goes to oet13 for uploading it on youtube.



  1. hiya, love the song, too bad the words he says was not clear, i was there with oet13 😉
    can’t wait for the song to be recorded, i bet it will be better…

  2. wat do u mean as peterpan’s first english song???
    as in they wrote it by themselves??? if yes then wooooooohoooooo!!!

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