Original music video of Kisah Cintaku

September 25, 2008

Finally the original music video of Kisah Cintaku is released. I don’t know what took them so long to release it. Anyway, enjoy the clip.



  1. SUPER WOW!! i think i have to go to Indonesia to get some copy! lol.. i love itttttttt!

  2. peterpan is very good band of indonesia,i like all of songs p’pan……kamu bisa.

  3. peterpan jgn nyerah yah….aku nunggu band kamoe yg baru…kalian bisa pasti…coz aQ penggemar berat kamoe^_^.


  4. wow i havent been on this site for soooo long!!!
    omg i recently heard this song and i fell in luv with it immediately !!!
    this song issss ssoooooooo gud!!!

  5. Meet & greet mjlh Gadis di Kafe brewww..kemang tgl 31/10/08 bnr2 hr brsjrh gw..gk disngka gw bs ktmu lgsg ma peterpan.smph…smpe skrg gw msh gk prcy brsa ky mimpi…ft’e blm smpt gw upload di friendster gw.tr kl udh gw upload jgn lp add gw jg di fuddy_duddy2006@yahoo.com.ariel bnr2 keren abis.jgn pd iri ya hehehe….

  6. oia kpn nma brunya pnggnti peterpan nya

  7. hi……….

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