Happy Belated Birthday Dearest Uki

October 7, 2008

Arrggh, I haven’t updated this blog for quite sometime, I even forgot to wish you Happy Birthday.
Dear Uki, Happy Belated Birthday. May the years ahead bring you all the happiness, joy and love in this world.
BTW, we’re still waiting for the announcement for your wedding day with Metha.



  1. Tolonk dnx krimn alamt n fto2 uki ke email w

  2. Uki cuTe bnget seh??
    Krimin fto2 uki dunks ke e-mailQ… PLizzZ.
    Uki performancenya makin keren ajjah…

  3. Gw seneng bgd ma peterpan

  4. Met,ultah yach uki,lo cute bgt seh.

  5. uki…….
    happy bday yo…
    lo tuch cuakeeep abizh
    ech,kpn maritx????
    alamat lo d bandung dmn seeh????
    ok…lo pokoke top bgt dech….
    chaYOOOOOO !!!!!!

  6. uki,lo koq gak pernah muncul lage seeh????
    gw khan kuangennn pengen liat lo….
    ech,kk gw mo merit ki,gw pengen lo ngucapin selamat…swalna dy ngefans buanged ma lo….
    thaX b4…
    see u soon
    by achriani at bndung

  7. i loph moh.kautzar hikmat’

  8. kasih dong lukisan buat gue…

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