New Year with Peterpan

January 4, 2009

New Year Eve concert in Pantai Karnaval Ancol. These are some the most memorable videos (IMHO) of the concert.

Credit to Bulumerahmaniac for her amazing effort to upload this vid in youtube



  1. i saw the last video and wow the way he is so sweet and hold her for all that time was super adorable and nice of him. i had tears in my eyes i felt so happy even though it wasn’t me who was on stage with him.

  2. Haaii peterpan yg makin tenar aja.krn aku tinggal dikuar negeri dan aku hanya bisa lihat konsermu di you tube tp aku sudah puas&konsernya bagus sekaliiiiiiii.adaiin Konser lagi dihongkong dong

  3. Penampilan peterpan yg hebat sekali walau aku hanya lihat lewat internet.slamat buat peterpan smoga tambah sukses.kpn ngadain konser lagi dihongkong????

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