For English speaking Sahabat Peterpan, you can join this forum initiated by Aanika, our fellow Sahabat Peterpan from Bangladesh :




  1. Hi,
    We covered ‘Di belakangku’ in hindi ‘aao milo chale’.
    We are so thrilled by your comments.
    Such responses from true ‘peterpan’ fans makes us go crazy with happiness.

    I am tryin to spread the word about ‘Peterpan’ here in India.
    It would be great if you could post our video in your wordpress blog here.
    It’s our tribute to the brilliance of Peterpan.

    Thank you
    jamal (cheapgundas)

  2. Hi

    This is my tribute to all Peterpan fans.

    Although, I’m Indian and I can’t speak Indonesian, I love this song SOOO much that I had to attempt 🙂

    I hope you like it and help me reach more Peterpan fans

  3. Hey, may I know an Indonesian Peterpan forum site? I tried googling it, but I found nothing. So, please let me know. Thank you…

  4. If you’re referring to Peterpan official site, I have informed in one of my posts, it’s newpeterpanband.com

    But if you’re referring to forum, try lautan Indonesia : http://lautanindonesia.com/forum/index.php?topic=559.130

  5. hhii ptrpan…..

    goOd luCk y?!!!!!

  6. aq kangen bgt sama peterpan,kapan ya manggung di malang lagi? buat ariel cs terus semangat ya “walau habis terang” tapi yakinlah pasti akan ada”hari yang cerah” buat kalian. CAYOOO…!!!

  7. hey venom(btw, I still don’t know your real name) I can’t seem to log in to the english forum. do i need to register to view the forum?
    hope to meet u one day. =)

  8. semua doain moga2 peterpan lahir dengan nama baru tuk terus segarkan telinga kita dengan alunan lagu teridah.buat kang aruel kapan ad di lombok 2 bdng pacarku pengen ktmu nich?

  9. hai
    if you want join to peterpan forums chat
    let me to channel “peterpan” on irc
    and this server irc.telkom.net.id or irc.plasa.com
    i wait your present

  10. hai ptrpn,gmn kbr’y??????
    btw nm bnd pa nh…..
    q dri cirebon….

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